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Proper Name pronunciation (cities, products, people):
The capital letters represent where the stress or emphasis should be on the word.

Any non-standard dictionary words will need notes
  • CARIBBEAN: [kuh-RIH-bee-in] or [kair-ih-BEE-in]
  • HUNTINGTON: is the first "t" a soft or hard "t", i.e. hunning vs. hunting
  • STEIN: [STAHYN] rhymes with "mine" or [STEEN] rhymes with "teen"
  • KARA: [KAWR-uh] or [KAIR-uh]

Dictionary words said in various ways:
  • DATA: [DAY tuh] or [DA- tuh]
  • ROUTE: [root] rhymes with "boot" or [rout] rhymes with "spout"
  • SCHEDULE: [SHED-yuhl], [SKED-yuhl], or [SKED-yool]

Number pronunciation:
*All numbers by default will be read individually, unless specified otherwise:
  • 0: "zero" or "oh"
  • 800: "eight zero zero" or "eight hundred"
  • 7420: "seven, four, two zero" or "seventy- four, twenty"

Symbol pronunciation preference:
  • "-" symbol: indicates "hyphen" or "dash"
  • "#" symbol: indicates "pound", "number sign", or "hash"

Abbreviation pronunciation preference:
*All abbreviations by default will be read individually, unless specified otherwise:
  • ISO: [I-S-O] individual letters or [EYE-soh]
  • IRA: [I-R-A] or [EYE-ruh] rhymes with the name "myra"
  • Inc.: will be always recorded as "ink", so if you wish to have the word "incorporated" recorded in full, please spell it out.

*Please be very clear on how to say your website (say or spell words):
  • www dot clean D-O-G-G dot com
  • www dot the reg client dot com, reg: [REHG] short for "regular".